Everything you need to know about ActiveMQ

In today’s increasingly connected universe, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world where all of our gizmos and gadgets aren’t able to effortlessly communicate with one another – trading back bits and pieces of information and data in real time (or at least as close to real time as possible) so that we are able to do some pretty amazing things without any extra effort whatsoever.

Well, that incredible capability – the ability to effortlessly communicate between two applications or two components inside of an application – is possible thanks in large part to Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) type software solutions.

It just so happens that ActiveMQ is widely considered to be the very best of the bunch.

What exactly is ActiveMQ?

Design, develop, and deployed by the same people behind Apache, ActiveMQ is an open source MOM written in the Java language to work almost exclusively with Java Message Service clients.

An enterprise grade solution, this amazing piece of technology and completely game changing piece of software allows for multiple communications across multiple clients and multiple servers (through a secure communication channel), opening up all kinds of possibilities without bottlenecking any of the messages that are being distributed during the “chatter”.

What is ActiveMQ used for?

There are a variety of different applications out there for the ActiveMQ system, but the overwhelming majority of applications boiled down to inter-application or networked communication – basically allowing all kinds of different programs, applications, and pieces of hardware to communicate with and share information with different components of the same system.

We’re talking about finally having the ability to “message” across multiple different applications that are running off of multiple different programming languages on multiple different operating systems, essentially generating a unified language that everything is able to leverage regardless of its proprietary systems.

This is a game change for sure, and opens up a lot of possibilities in the technology world.

How easy is it to learn and deploy ActiveMQ?

Relatively simple and straightforward to learn (though the overall learning curve will be greatly influenced by your pre-existing relationship and experience with Java – not exactly the easiest of all the programming languages out there to pick up), it really shouldn’t be all that difficult to learn, master, and begin to deploy the ActiveMQ MOM software.

Like any other “backbone” piece of technology, you’ll want to make sure that you are leveraging the system as much as you can without compromising safety, security, or integrity, but there aren’t really any extreme hurdles to understanding the platform, rolling out the platform, and taking advantage of the platform in quite the same way that there are with other MOM solutions.